Quality and Certification

Our certifications


Always attentive to its level of quality and to guarantee the highest standards of innovation, product and system, Atti S.p.A. has been able to reach over time ever more innovative and certified.


UNI ISO/TS 16949

Atti S.p.Ais certified according to the management system for the quality of the automotive sector, the technical specification UNI ISO/TS 16949, elaborated within the IATF (International Automotive Task Force), this allows the foundry acts of Enhance the approach to processes and pursue continuous improvement, not just by evaluating efficacy but by focusing on evaluating the efficiency of processes.


ISO 14001

Atti S.p.A. Has taken a concrete commitment in minimising the environmental impact of its processes, products and services, by adopting a process of continuous improvement of its environmental performance through the introduction of a management system Environmental Quality ISO 14001 based on surveillance, measurement and continuous monitoring of operations that can have significant impacts on the environment.