High pressure processes


DIECAST produces aluminium and Zamak castings with high pressure processes. 

For aluminium production we are equipped with 3 cold chamber die-casting plants with tonnage between 400 and 700 tons.
For Zamak production we have 4 hot chamber die-casting plants with tonnage between 70 and 175 tons.
The products are intended for the Automotive, Agriculture, Hydraulics, Construction and Lighting markets.
DIECAST is capable to meet any customer’s supply request.

Thanks to co-operation of external suppliers, the products supplied can also be:

  • sand-blasted
  • blanks
  • machined
  • painted
  • chromium-plated
  • assembled

The aluminium department treats the following alloys:

  • EN AC 46000
  • EN AC 46100
  • Magsimal 59
  • L91 (best anti-friction alloy)

The Zamak department manages ZAMAK 12 and ZAMAK 15 alloy.

Moreover, a department intended for single-component resin impregnation of parts is available in order to fulfil the tightest leakage requirements.

Diecast Certification