Atti S.p.A.

Atti SpA is a foundry of light alloys, such as aluminum and zamak, that has been responding to the most varied needs of the market for 80 years.



It has a highly specialized know-how in: gravity die casting (tilting and not) and high pressure die casting.

The companies connected in the Group guarantee a perfect and complete process: from the production of cores with hot forming to heat treatment, from mechanical processing to any assembly of the castings, from the leak test to resin impregnation of the castings.

Thanks to the high degree of automation, ATTI is able to provide high quality, a highly satisfactory degree of service at a competitive cost.

To respond to the demands of the globalized market, a few years ago ATTI opened a plant in Tunisia for the production of components that combine high quality and competitive price.
The sectors in which ATTI has been specialized over the years are automotive and agriculture, motorcycle and hydraulics sector up to highly aesthetic details such as components for the home or luxury cars.