Sand core production is made by shell-moulding.


ARENA is not just a simple supplier but a real partner, covering almost the entire demand of Atti.
It uses pre-coated sands of various particle size and different resin content, catalysed by hot box process.
The experience gained allows to have the total control of the production system, from the incoming sand analysis until the delivery of cores to the foundry. This enables the use of cores straight to the casting process, providing a product ready to be used without further acceptance checks.

The closeness to the foundry makes it possible to organize the production in real time and guarantees the order processing JUST IN TIME. The transport costs are therefore set to zero to full advantage of having cores at affordable prices.
In the last few years considerable importance has been given to core painting for which Arena can guarantee different applications with different types of paints such as water-based with dipping or brush painting partly used over surfaces to be treated.
Owing to a growing number of high complexity castings, over time the request of cores glued in groups has increased. ARENA uses different types of glue and many jigs especially designed to guarantee correct assembly.
The factory extends on a production area of 1.200 square meters with 7 machines: 4 EUROMAC and 3 MED IND (opening 500mm to 700mm), capable of producing cores from 50 grams to 12 kilos, to meet customer’s requirements and provide reliable and complete solutions.
The products are mainly intended for production of Automotive industry components, Compressor Housing, Pump Body, Hydraulics and spare parts for commercial vehicles in general.

Arena Certification